Clarification of UPDATE

This a clarification to my update.  Not sure why I feel this is necessary, but I do.

So Yes!  I have had TWO picc lines be rejected by my body.  You have to remember I have lupus and it can do weird things to your body.  So the lines backed out on their own they were not pulled out, pulled on etc.  I am a retired nurse and know how to care for picc lines for sure I have changed too many dressings to not know.  So for some reason I just can not tolerate that line in my vein.

No, I am not getting a port.  I have decided the side effects out weighed the medications supposed interventions.  It was not worth it, since I did not feel any better.  I was attached to a pump 24/7 that really was not doing anything for me other than stressing me out, causing undue pain, and a lot of skin issues from the dressing since I am allergic to adhesive (which is new in the past few months)  I guess as we age things change.  

Currently I am back on my other medication which was stopped which controlled my Pulmonary Hypertension so that is a real fun thing to deal with at the moment, since I can not stop coughing due to the changes taking place in my lungs with the medication back on board.  It will get better in a couple of days, for now it is a nuisance at best.  I can deal with it.

Now for the upcoming things.  I have to go to a new cardiologist for a new test which may lead to my coronary artery being opened back up!!!  This is new development which is great news, just another surgery, but one that I have had a few times now.  I have appointments all through the months of August for follow ups new test and such so I will be in and out for most of the month.

I will continue to ship as I have orders come in.  I will put out updates on times things are due.  Today Hoffman came and it will be going out tomorrow morning.  I have not opened the box yet to see them, but am expecting greatness!  They are just beautiful in person, the photos do not do them justice.  Once those are done the orders I mean I will get back to my quilt that I got the blocks squared up last night and am ready to go onto the next part.

YES!  I am feeling much better being off the Milrinone for sure.  I am just going to go with this state of being, NO MORE experiments on me, I told them today I am done with that, and yes I know I am donating my body to you, but you will have to wait until I expire no need to hasten the donation!  

So there you have it.  I wanted a couple of people especially to understand I am a nurse and I know what I am doing and I have made some decisions as my own advocate.  

Thank you all for the continued well wishes and prayers they are so appreciated.

Until next time.


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