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I don't get a heart!

NOPE!   You don't qualify for a heart transplant!   Those were the words I was expecting from the transplant team so not a huge surprise. . On February 19 2020 I went to University of Michigan Medical Center Cardiac Care in Ann Arbor Michigan.  My new Doc is Dr. Scott Hummell MD MS Professor of Advanced Cardiac Transplant and Heart Failure.  For those of you who do not know, I have a severe Genetic Disorder Called Cardio Megaly, or the enlarging of my heart via muscle growth.  Resulting in Cardiomyopathy. More than 200,000 US cases per year Treatable by a medical professional Requires a medical diagnosis Lab tests or imaging always required Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong Cardiomegaly is usually a sign of another condition such as a heart valve problem or heart disease. It may also signal a prior heart attack. It can also occur from bodily stress caused by pregnancy or certain infections. Symptoms, if any, may

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