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Oh my gosh!  It has been so long since I have written anything!  WOW!

To tell the truth I have been working on the You Tube channel and just have not wanted to write anything.  I think I will do Saturday post from now on.  It is one of those days I really do not have a lot going on.  I have just been busy with Dr appointments and stuff.  Tired is what it is!

On the flip side, I have gotten a lot of things done with canning and the store, and soon to be the green house, the gardens and such.  I have just been busy.

Now, the weather is getting better here for sure.  I love when it only gets to about 75 degrees, slight breeze and low or no humidity!  Fall seems to be in the air at the moment.

I have seen trees already beginning to change colors here which is very early.  And apples are being picked already and fields being turned over. 

My garden has bit the dust, it was attacked over night by some kind of bug or something one day looked amazing the next it was naked.  We have moved a few thi…

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