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Update on me 05/23/2019

First and Foremost thank you all for your kind words and wishes of better health while in hospital.  What a screwy week for sure!

First I was asked to come in via ED for an inpatient evaluation and testing to prep for a Left Ventricular Assist Device or LVAD : 

"A left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is a pump that we use for patients who have reached end-stage heart failure. We surgically implant the LVAD, a battery-operated, mechanical pump, which then helps the left ventricle (main pumping chamber of the heart) pump blood to the rest of the body". 

As you can see by the description is not a surgery to take lightly not is it one that can be done out of the blue, it takes many test to get approved.  175 so far and another 225 to be completed before the final decision is to be made.  

It was not a good time inpatient for sure.

At first I was okay, sat in the ED a little too long since I already had a bed assigned to …

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