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Computer Crashes and Headaches!

Hello, yes it is 0210 Thursday November 21 2019!  

Why am I up?  Good question!  I slept for about 3 hours, then woke up!  Bleh.  I really think it is my mind going a bit bonkers with all this setting up of my new computer and getting every thing back that I had before; like my shipping system for the store.  I still have not figured it out, and am no closer to doing so it sucks!  I may have to reset up the entire thing for shipping or just use PayPal to do all my shipping, which I can do but it is a pain since it is not synced with the store order system.

Also, I am contemplating another seller source such as eBay or Esty again to get things moved out give more payment options etc.  I am just not to that point yet today.  I will have to think on it.  Right now I am more focused and getting my programs up. 

I have not filmed a YouTube video either in a bit, I have just been busy and well not doing great with the whole foot thing, and trying to get everything in order in the studio.  Trut…

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