I remember...

I remember the good old days!  I mean yeah I am 50 years old, so not like that it was that long ago; but today's world makes it seem that it was many years more than it has been.

I remember learning to sew from my grandmother while sitting under her treadle machine, and she would let us work the foot pedal for her of course at the right speed!

Today I am not sure any child would know how to plug in a sewing machine.

I remember the creek my sister and I played in when we were young.  It had a split and made an island for us, and man did the pirates do a lot back there.  We could only access it by a fallen tree and it was amazing!

Today I am not sure if that creek is contaminated or not.

I remember my mother or my grandmother making me and my sister lunch and dinner every day. It was never a microwaved meal or fast food.

Today, well yeah I use the microwave a lot.  But not fast food.  I cook.  But can kids today cook something on a stove?

I remember playing outside until dark!

Today I don't want to go out after dusk, or well really any other time due to not trusting people any longer.

I remember going to school unafraid.

Today how does anyone with children send them off every morning not knowing if at the end of the day they will be coming home or not.

I remember 4 t.v. channels!

Today I curse there isn't anything on with over 125 channels!  Ugh.

I remember having a party line for our phone and having to wait for the neighbor to get off the phone, if they did.

Now 5 year old's have iPhones!  I don't have an iPhone!

You get the gist.  Things have changed so much, some days I ask how.  How did this happen!  I know my health has changed, my priorities and my life goals.  But still I wonder what tomorrow brings.

I am thankful for the day I am in, and more so for the next one given.  I wish to stop worrying over tomorrow in case it does not come.  It can all change in the blink of an eye.  Taking time to appreciate the now and here are the most important.  Meetings can wait, appointments can be changed; but lives can not change yesterday and we have to be thankful we had that day and the ones before. For this I say live for today, remember the good old days, pray for the next days to come and appreciate what it is in front of you every day.

December is the month to remember, appreciate and yes give thanks.  Today I am thankful.

Be good to yourselves, love all, hug often and hold on just a little longer.

Have a great week.  Be creative and Ill be back soon!



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