Studio Clean up and Organization

Hello, its what Thursday 11/14.
 WOW I did not realize this month was already half over.  

And here I am just beginning my holiday decorating.  I am just scatter brained lately.  I think I was just trying to get too many things done at one time and not concentrating on one at any given time.  Today that changed.

I had to bring several things down to the studio, and ALMOST have all my sewing things down here now.  I still have my chair, a floor lamp and another cabinet to come down, which will be tomorrow.  I have been down here most of the day just cleaning, moving and organizing as I can.  Mostly I keep moving things back where they started.  Oh so much trash too.  I have five bags at the moment, which are 99% card board!!!!

I do believe it will take me months to get all my fabric organized the way I want, my personal fabric not the store.  That is organized on bolts which is so nice, but I had a lot already before I began the store and now I am thinking of ways to store it and make it look appealing.  I do not want to do comic book boards either.  I will do the storage cubes on the side by color so they look nice.  

I did finally get my machine cut out done today so I can sew AGAIN!  YES!  It was just me needing to get it done, and oh yeah figure out how to put the damn blade in the jigsaw really stupid clicky thing...

Any way it is done and now I can sew again down here.  I had to make the hole bigger for my Singer as I gave my Janome to my aunt because I just did not like it and it was much smaller than my Singers.  I still have to get my Featherweight and my White Rotary down here as well as my grandmothers treadle too.  So I am getting there.  Biggest thing is cleaning and organizing before I bring other things down here.  As it is now I have no more room until I get some things out of here that do not belong.  Hopefully Friday that will happen, but I have to get tires on the Trailblazer and god knows they do not get in a hurry at those places.

I would like to say a huge Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers for my family with all that has happend this week, then to see the news with so much more going on in the world.  I can say QPI is an amazing group of people from around the world and I thank you all!

I am hoping to get a great number of pillow cases made for donation during the winter months as well as several quilts and to continue to work on my digital panel designs.  They have to be tweeked and I have to get a program that will work well for me that is user friendly.

At the moment besides the studio I am decorating for the holidays, next is my tree which is in my kitchen at the moment in the floor.  L>O>L!  It is just the place I stage things!

I discovered these amazing lights for my studio, and now have to order a couple more.  I will put a link in here for you to check them out!

I know huge link but worth it, and oh yeah I am not tech savvy.  So I may have done it wrong be there it is.  Love the lights though they are bright and do not get hot.  I am getting tired I can tell, I am not typing well at the moment. 

As for my foot, its still buggered for sure.  Will go to dr next week, it is getting old, great toe is just not getting better and the more I stand on it the more it hurts so there is that...

Well I just wanted to check in with you, and trying to keep up with everything.  I will be making a new video this coming week, once I learn this new editing software.  Until then create well. 

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Peace out. T!


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