Computer Crashes and Headaches!

Hello, yes it is 0210 Thursday November 21 2019!  

Why am I up?  Good question!  I slept for about 3 hours, then woke up!  Bleh.  I really think it is my mind going a bit bonkers with all this setting up of my new computer and getting every thing back that I had before; like my shipping system for the store.  I still have not figured it out, and am no closer to doing so it sucks!  I may have to reset up the entire thing for shipping or just use PayPal to do all my shipping, which I can do but it is a pain since it is not synced with the store order system.

Also, I am contemplating another seller source such as eBay or Esty again to get things moved out give more payment options etc.  I am just not to that point yet today.  I will have to think on it.  Right now I am more focused and getting my programs up. 

I have not filmed a YouTube video either in a bit, I have just been busy and well not doing great with the whole foot thing, and trying to get everything in order in the studio.  Truthfully I am sitting in the middle of my living room at the  moment with my computer set up here, at least until I get all the things back that I need and can do from here, rather than running up and down the stairs.

This computer is better; a lot better than my old one but I loved my old one and everything was right there I just had to click and go.  NOW I have to figure it all out again.  I have not used Windows 10 much I had 8.1.  YES!  I know that is old but it was great and I had all my programs for writing etc., included for free NOW you have to pay monthly for word for Gods sake!  I tell you it is all about money now.

But it is what it is bitching about it won't change it and there are programs that can be purchased as well and not have to pay monthly fees for them, so I will look into those at some point.  I do have the free trial at the moment.  BUT I lost all my files I think.  I have not plugged my thumb drive in to see if everything is on it.  I think it is, but I just don't want to know at the moment if it isn't.

I am still fluffing the tree I have not done anymore with after it was moved to the area it needed to be, that was enough for a day or two that thing is heavy.  I just have part of the top to do before it can decorated and such.  I had to get my grocery order in, which was a nightmare since I could not get it to sign into my old account it did not recognize the operating system etc., so I had to create a whole new account that is unless I can get my very old never used anymore email to let me into or I can change it to my new one.  I want to figure it out since I pay a yearly membership for that service which truthfully has been a life saver for me.  Not having to go to a grocery store not only is good for me since I am not one to be in public a lot due to germs being spread to me, but also NO impulse buying I save so much on shopping and  no hassle of getting it to the car out of the car and put away it comes to my door I bring it in (they would do this if I allowed) and I put it away.  I don't allow them in due to one time I did and she was sick and I ended up with upper respiratory infection that put me in hospital for 10 days! 

Hopefully you all are getting holiday things in place.  I know my tree is up, but truthfully it is usually done by this point then I can enjoy it, but I have just been off.  Well the whole toe thing put a dinger into my plans for sure, then I was dumb and said OH lets redo the studio! Yeah I will be doing that til next year it seems.  I just have so much fabric to organize.  I have everything furniture wise In place almost I have to move a thing or two and then just do some cleaning.  It was good to get all those boxes and cardboard out, well bagged up they are not out yet.  I am working on that.  I just can't do a lot of stairs due to doctor orders.  Hopefully there will be some changes with the new cardiologist I have to see now that mine passed away.  I am not sure about my records or if this new one will be versed in my history when I see him December 4th!  I really hope I don't have to reiterate my entire history because that appointment will be 5 or 6 hours long!

I have most of my programs back in that I can do from up here.  Now its the printer, my embroidery system and me EQ7 software's that have to be put into this machine.  Bleh!  Hoping it goes well and I just have to plug and go with those. 

I have so many projects in the works and I need to get them done or put away and just work on one thing only.  That never happens however, so I will prioritize and get a quilt on the frame for sure this week.  I just can't quilt on my frame during the nice weather days.  Now we are snow or rain and cold very cold so I can do it without issue.  I need three of me for sure.

Hoping to get a video done this week and edited as well.  We will see.  Until then or next time.  Create well. Peace and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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