Where the HELL is my Fabric?

Hello ALL - I wanted to let you all know why orders have been so late coming out; especially the new fabric.

I did not foresee the wildfires in Southern California delaying shipments.

I have been in contact with Hoffman this past week, and did indeed get a confirmation of a ship for Friday 11/01/2019 to me so a delivery of most likely Wednesday, as soon as it arrives it will be cut, packed and shipped out. 

I have sent several emails to customers with an explanation of this, and unfortunately after those the wild fires put all carriers on delay. I do not think of these things as I have not been in the situation of wild fires influencing my business until now.

Also, I have not wrote in very long time.  I apologize life gets in the way too much of late, however things of the health side of things are calming down for me as of now.  I am in the middle of a studio re vamp as I just could not be comfortable down here, and get things done.  Now I have the energy to get more things done and changed to the way I like them to be more productive. 

I will start writing weekly and posting to my You Tube, Instagram and twitter regularly as I am now getting used to those platforms.  I am working on the store site as well to make it more user friendly, and as I have said before I will be reducing my inventory and keeping it minimal to two American Manufacturers of fabrics.  

I am looking at things that will be done into fat quarter sets now and will be getting those photographed and up on the site soon too.  It all takes time and it never fails when I get going on one thing another happens. 

Once the studio re vamp is done I will be working on my organization skills and keep a white board with things that need to be done each week.  I am working on that list at the moment and the best way to use my white board for this endeavor; I am a to do list kind of person. 

As well the Holidays are coming up fast and I have a lot to do to get ready for those as well.

At current here is what I am doing:  finishing the kitchen redo (just the island build and floor take out oh an painting)  Organizing and repainting the laundry room due to a large area that is NOT painted and I moved a cabinet to discover this.  Studio is a complete redo, organization, paint, flooring and layout.  Moving all my current sewing items from the 1st floor down to my studio and there might be some on my second floor as well.  I need to get some good NO RAIN days to get a few things down outside before snow sets in and my greenhouse needs to be buttoned up before snow as well.   that is about it.  But it is A LOT to do and its just me doing this.  But with planning and organizational skills it will get done and I have to prioritize - like get the Christmas items from under the stair storage and ready to go up with out hindering progress in the re vamp.  

So yeah - That is where we are at the moment.

Thanks for reading.
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As always create well and enjoy the process


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