Coffee and a Layer Cake 05/13/2019

Hello again, I have started a post several time this past week and just never felt like finishing it.  Just that kind of week for sure.  The weather has been a BIG factor in it for me, and well I have not felt like peopling either.  INSOMNIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.... UGH I hate it, and I do have a medication that is supposed to take care of it, but it has NOT once again!  It is so frustrating to not be among the regular living daily!

I have been however working on some projects.  I loved my grandmothers rag rugs they were so textured and felt so good when you laid on them and I loved the look.  Of course her's were made of bread bags mostly, they never got dirty and they never had to be washed but rather rinsed off with a hose is all.  I still loved them.

Well, I decided to try three methods to see what is the best and easier way of making them.  I have ONE done, one started and will be trying another method here soon!  YES!  I will make a video on the one I liked the best for sure.  As a matter of fact my fingers are itching to get back on my machine to get the second one done today.  I will work on it for sure!  I just have to find the tape I need that is in a drawer somewhere I am sure of it. 

Yes, I know it is in an obvious place which is NOT the garage somehow...

Doh!  I found it!  In the garage of all places.  I needed the plumbers tape so that I could tape the end of my presser foot and not get cloth caught in it from the braids - makes for a mess for sure!  SEW we will see how this goes.  It is fun for sure, but I have two quilts I need to get done by the 2nd week of June.  The top is made for one, the other not so much...  I will figure it out.  I have not made promises on them, so it is not a big deal if I do not get them on time as they have to be mailed as it is.  I do however need to get a few orders out that I did not realize were not pre order status.  On my list to get to today as well. 

Not a whole lot else to talk on today as it is I am a bit tired and wanted to work on this rug and maybe cut some of the other quilt top I am working on, once I finally decide on the pattern.  I have two in mind, don't ask the names as I do not know; I do not use patterns per say I just wing it from finding what I like on Pinterest or other sites.  I just don't get the whole 7/8 measurement in patterns at all, it frustrates me for sure.  

So on the end, enjoy that cuppa and layer cakes are great to make a fast quilt top with.  Until next time Create well.



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