Coffee and a Layer Cake

HEY!  An update of life, business and other things.

Coffee and a Layer cake will be my You Tube series I plan to start that next week after I get home from U of M late Tuesday early Wednesday.

Okay so here is the skinny of what is happening for sure.  I will be having a Right Heart Cath on Tuesday, which does not sound so fun to have done since they stick a needle in your NECK and go down from there, and then a bag over my head and they measure fluid level and oxygen all at the same time.  UM Claustrophobic here!  But it is what it is.  Then IN July and August I have all my PET scans and many more test.  So I have a lot to deal with and need to keep sane at the same time.  Imagine that!  OH and lose 6 lbs before Tuesday!  UMMMM big poo maybe?

SEW - The ETSY store is now closed.  

They screwed up too many times with shipping items, and it was just too much to have two stores.  

On the bright side of that I will be able to offer cut assortments now and not have to worry about inventory issues.  So the smallest cut will be 1/2 yard.  I just don't do fat quarters unless I do sets.  Which is in the works and will be posted to their own section once I am ready to post those for sure!  They take time, and it will be really things which coordinate and are ready to go out the door. 

As for the pre order of the truck panel.  I will get that up for July / August delivery; I do not control the shipping on those things and it can be tricky for sure at times, due to supply and demand; but they will be up for sure!  As well as a few other things I know are coming here in the next few days or so. 

As always I will post in QPI when they are up and ready to be purchased.  I have things in place in case I am in hospital during the ship time, so do not worry about that.  There are many Christmas items coming.  NONE OF THE OCTOBER or 2020 items will be up for pre order until much later in the year!

As for projects....

Yes, I have too many going at once as is the norm for me.  I am rethinking the whole wedding quilt idea.  I am not getting a good design in my head and it will be something else I am sure, since I love the panel and its quilting, but I just can not for the life of me figure out how to finish it into a queen size quilt.

I will do something else that I have started on, it is a dresden plate quilt, which I have to re iron ALL of my petals since I did not realize they were under a project I have been working for a while, the braided rug.  Which I will get done this weekend for sure, just a few more to braid then sew, it may not be big at first, but I can add to it.  

Next I have a billion strips to cut!  Thank GOD for my sizzix on that front. 

OH and my sisters Birthday quilt has to get done too.  I procrastinate for sure.  But my sisters just has to be put together it is prepped already to be sewn, so after my nap I will do that.  Just have to wait for Grocery delivery today and then I am set on that front as well.  I love NOT having to go to the grocery store EVER as I hate it with a passion.  Too many people trying to people instead get and go I hate the congregation in the aisles. Drives me nut - GET OUT OF MY WAY and disperse immediately and do your thang elsewhere like... I don't know.  Maybe the bathroom or fishing aisle?

Okay rant over at least on that point.  

That is it for the day.  I will be writing more I am sure as things progress with this heart stuff coming up over the next months.  So we will see.  I do plan on the You Tube stuff though, I just have to figure out where is best to video with the best light.  I will do some testing on that and find the best place, as I do hate the sun light but do want good quality videos.

Create well.


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