Coffee and A Layer Cake 5/5/2019

Oh it's Cinco d Mayo.  Forgot, not the I celebrate but does explain the Mariachi music I hear at the moment on a Sunday. 

I should be sewing; but I am not!  I am so sick of HST at the moment I believe I will work on my sisters quilt for her birthday which is the same week as her son's wedding of which I working on a quilt for that as well!  UGH I do procrastinate. 

Again I procrastinate, since what am I doing over sewing I am writing instead. 

BUT, In my defense I am on a Miralax "cleanse" for the upcoming procedure Tuesday, they kind of forgot I am on serious amounts of blood thinner, and since they are going to shove a 8 inch needle into my neck and then cover my head with a hood they thought maybe its a good idea to get that out of my system before hand.  AND thusly; bathroom saga!  I can run I found out for sure!  Did not think so unless was being chased by a zombie or some sort of serial killer clown or some such thing! 

Oh the things we learn by necessity !

Sew I am sitting here going through my social media accounts since I am getting more followers and such.  But then it dawned on me I am "techtarded"; no offense to anyone with that word, but it is the truth! I do not know how to use most technology anything.  My phone is dying and I am procrastinating on getting a new one that I so don't want to learn. (Update:  I just bought a new phone will be here Wednesday)  NOW I HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO USE IT!  BLEH!

But I digress.  I just realized those of you who follow me on IG have nothing there to follow since I do not know HOW to upload to it!  I think it is phone based I am sure it is.  So now I will have to get a new phone so that I am able to do the things that are part of that platform!  Such as I don't know maybe show some of my work or works in progress or how bout my Surgery on Tuesday!  EWWWWW that would be fun!  I won't since I won't have a new phone by then!

I am almost ready to start cutting all those HST for wedding quilt, but not today.  I thought I new the pattern I wanted to use, but now I have found another I really do like.  But HST's are versatile and I am using my Abigail fabric line.  But my sisters is calling me for sure.  Quick fun and full of color!  I need that today, as I am ready for really comfortable weather and being outside for a bit each day, and getting my flowers and herbs in the ground.  But I live in Michigan it can snow tomorrow for all I know!

I am looking out the window now at my tulips that are blooming this year, they did not get frozen out like last year!  Very pretty.  But I am ready for some color out there.  I have 300,000 wild flower seeds to go into the front yard, which will be all flowers no grass since my desk faces that area, and I will have a large herb garden there too this year.  I am ready for it!

I have to divert my attention at times from life.  And that is the best way.  I will be filming much more with the new camera I am sure, or at least picturing - I pass all these amazing things I want to photo and have no real phone to do it with that the camera is good, so let us hope this new one is much better.  And well it is usually while I am driving alone so not a good idea either.  LOL I will pull over for them.  Just will take me longer to get home or to where I am heading.  Which I am always early for anyway!  Make it worth the extra time I have waiting...  

I wonder how close I am to that required 6# weight loss.  I will not weigh myself until tomorrow!  I think the "cleanse" will get me there for sure!  Good lort!

Well that is it for now.  I have to get to sewing and planning, and all this twitter IG stuff too.  I have people to answer back to I did not realize were there!

Peace out.
Create well and enjoy life!


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