Oh my gosh!  It has been so long since I have written anything!  WOW!

To tell the truth I have been working on the You Tube channel and just have not wanted to write anything.  I think I will do Saturday post from now on.  It is one of those days I really do not have a lot going on.  I have just been busy with Dr appointments and stuff.  Tired is what it is!

On the flip side, I have gotten a lot of things done with canning and the store, and soon to be the green house, the gardens and such.  I have just been busy.

Now, the weather is getting better here for sure.  I love when it only gets to about 75 degrees, slight breeze and low or no humidity!  Fall seems to be in the air at the moment.

I have seen trees already beginning to change colors here which is very early.  And apples are being picked already and fields being turned over. 

My garden has bit the dust, it was attacked over night by some kind of bug or something one day looked amazing the next it was naked.  We have moved a few things to raised beds, but I think it shocked them too much and well it was a waste of time I think, except for the basil which will get moved again to the green house just before frost to keep those plants.  On that note I have almost 250,000 seeds now.  I am ready to start growing for next year.

The Henny Penny's will be here very soon.  The small coop and run are just about done and they will land in a week or so.  I have four coming to start with and that should be good for a beginning, but the plan is to enlarge everything next year.  I am sure it will be a huge amount as I need them to keep the garden, yard, and beds clean and ready to grow.  As well the manure is amazing for gardens especially my flower beds. 

I am hoping to have a lot less doctor appointments coming up as well.  September 4th I will go back to Ann Arbor to see where we are headed on the front of surgery and all that, but I am to the point to just control it all and let me be.  I am not so sure about the LVAD mechanical heart thing just because of my lupus and the high risk of rejection.  So that is a lot to think about.

On the front of my weight loss journey well I am stuck at the moment, but they did reduce my amiodarone which may help.  We will see.  I am juicing now, and getting away from processed foods too.  I have a cheat day yesterday.  I just needed a greasy cheese burger.  I have not had one is a very long time and sometimes it is good to treat yourself.  And I did!

Soon I will be moving my front yard garden to the back as well, it just needs to be fixed and moving it will be best and grass planted back as we are taking up a lot of yard space with raised beds, chicken coop and green house as well as a compost pile now too.  I have decided to go all natural.

I am working on some videos for quilt as you go things.  I hope to make it a bit easier.  I will be working on them for a while but will put them as EP or episodes.  As well as how to do Panel quilting and getting a faster result for those of us who need something quick!  It should be fun and informative!  As well as the you tube updates on things just stuff.

So there is what is happening on this front.

Hoping you are creating well or at least designing well.  It is summer after all and the weather is getting better as we go into fall so being outside is more appealing than being inside.  

Peace! T


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