An update

It has been a long while since I last wrote a blog post!  Truth be told I don't remember how long it has been.  Life has been UP and down and UP and down, down, down and then UP again.  Well, it's down again.

I have this damned picc line in, and I have not had anything but issues with it.  I am on the second one to come out of my vein on it's own.  It just coils up under the dressing or in my arm pit then oozes out on it's own while the dressing is being changed.

So now the second one is out, I do not have viable veins for another so the next step is for a port to be put in.

I have it for a medication to be infused 24/7 for however long it has to be done.  I am tired of it already as it has NOT made my life any better what so ever, not what they told me at least.  I am still very tired all the time, short of breath most of the time just walking short distances and am over all just lethargic with no want to get anything done.  Then add on the I.V. line hanging from my arm all the time, the pump on my side all the time, alarms going off all the time even during the night it  has just made life miserable mostly.

Don't fret I am still working on keeping up beat.  

I am also sure I will be closing the store very soon.  Once I get all the orders out and sell off the inventory I will be done, it is just NOT possible to keep up with it all and not continue to have issues with the equipment I am hooked up to, which is only going to increase in the coming months only to battery packs during the day and plugged into the wall at night with the LVAD (left Ventricular Assist Device) which will hopefully give me my life back.  However due to the extent of the process I will be down and off grid for a long time.  I will get that book wrote then I am sure.  I have to be in hospital for 12 weeks or so until I can rehab and come back home.  BLEH.

Sew I will sew when I can, and use it as a therapy process for healing.  But as far as being able to continue to the store I just don't think it is possible.  I will work out some deals for sure, but I just have to do it, and get my head around it too first.  I love doing this but it has to be done for the best.  I may continue to offer specials for you all, but only what I can get and not a whole lot like what I have now.  We will see on that end.

The other reason I have not blogged is my arm has been going numb for weeks now, then the new line just made it worse!

So on that note.  I am good for the most part, I just need a solution to this issue I have right now.  I mean every weekend in the ER is not my idea of good for sure.  They will not do another peripheral line and let me come home as the last two infiltrated, and well it is just going to be better with a port I think.  

I will keep you updated on the coming days.




  1. You, take care of you. We are grateful for you, just as you are. Truth.

  2. Teddy,you will not regret having a port put in !! I had cancer 4 years ago and required 24/7 chemo infusions that lasted 5 days every 21 day cycle, The first time I had PIC lines,they tangled,blocked you name it, at suggestion of a good friend(RN) I asked for a Port 2nd treatment,wow what a difference !! I had that port for 7 months and it gave me what freedom of movement I needed(not much since the Chemo itself was a bear and exhausted me). Concentrate on healing ,think positive !!


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