A bit of change

Hello all, and welcome to my blog's new format.  Why did I change AGAIN?  Simple.  Cost
I can use this blog platform for only 12.00 a year, whereas my other was much more for sure.  I will transfer over everything from Quit your Bitchin Blog to this one in the coming days and then use this platform from then on.  I think it is a better option for me.  I am not sure how to transfer all your emails so you may have to follow this blog as well and forget the other one.  It just makes more sense to have a better deal for me.  And I think I like this platform better as well.  The hosting of sites got a tariff hit too I think!

I am able to change the size of font as well as I am sure you can see here, so those who have bad eye site are able to read easier and not have eye strain.  I know what that is like, still have to make the second eye appointment for myself as a follow up for new glasses!  UGH!  I just have too many appointments.

So what is the deal with the name change yet again?  Pretty simple I want to combine my love and passion of quilting and my need to educate those on Chronic Illness as well as give information and education to those of us who have chronic illness in our lives; without consent on my part I might add!

There will be ads popping up at some point here too as well.  I am not in control of that at the moment, so bare with me on that!

As for me, well I need to thank you all for the well wishes during this time of turmoil in my life planned or not, this surgery on my heart was a doozy and I am still in the process of getting past it, only to go for another consult May 1st for yet another procedure which we are hoping will remedy this.  I have about 24% of my heart working at the moment, and need some intervention if you will, we are just not sure as of yet what will work best for me, and help in the long run.  

At the moment, I live day to day with a ticking time bomb in the middle of my chest -  literally.  I will say it simple: IT SUCKS! I literally wonder every day will today be the day my heart stops.  One of my illnesses at the moment is Ventricular Tachycardia which can switch to Fibrillation at any moment and lead to Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome, which is fatal no if's and's or but's about it.  It is my life at the moment, the cards I have been dealt.  So we march forward at a much slower pace I might add.

Today is the two week mark I think about that I had surgery maybe three, I'm not sure anymore.  I know it was 03/20/2019 I had the surgery to relieve and make new scars in my heart to stop the over beating and my getting stuck in high heart rates which is ventricular tachycardia, I started new meds and all that which make me sick, tired, sick and tired every day all day without warning I will just feel like crap ran over me in a pick up at a high speed, not to mention the catheter insertion site is just sore still.  But that will all heal and the meds will be temporary I think two months tops, so I hope to have a better summer than last year, UNLESS I have a new surgery which will render me useless for 10 weeks at least if not more.  UGH!  I am a nurse and make the WORST patient EVERRRRRRR!

Damn dry mouth!

I have also made the decision to NOT sensor myself, my feelings or thoughts in this blog; it is just not worth the politically correct crap or risk hurting someone's feelings with a word or words I choose to use.  NOT wasting my time on that any longer.  Grow a pair or go to a retreat where all those who are offended by dirt and sand stay.  Seriously people are too pissy, sensitive, and over privileged these days. 


When you have lived the life I have with chronic illness controlling most of your days since birth, you learn real quick not to worry what everyone else thinks and just go on with life, even though I have been sensitive to those who are well just wishy washy and need to get a life and live it I am no longer doing that.  I literally have lived the last 34 years with some form of illness that has affected me and I still hope to not offend someone with my words, seriously it takes the life out of you when you do that!  I say fuck it and let it go.  So I am!

This change of attitude is not new, and won't change my love for quilting, education, and having fun while dealing with some shitty days, and some  not.  But it is important you understand my FILTER has left the room for good.  I am too tired truthfully to care any longer it is just that simple.  I go to the bathroom only about 100 steps and am out of breath at the moment, so I am taking the air I need to live not worry over how I say or state something. 

THEY ARE JUST WORDS - MY GOD that is all they are!

So here you have it, an update of sorts and a look out here I come kinda thing.  If you do not choose to follow this blog I understand.

I am not just writing about illness it will be about quilting and what I learn to deal with, how I learn to deal with it, and what it takes to have the balls to do it every day.  Simple as that.

Peace out to you all, thanks for the memories on the other blog and I hope you find some humor in my post here.


Well not really...

But seriously thanks!


  1. I really feel if people are that sensitive they belong under a rock. Live life to the best and fullest to each and every ability you have!!!

  2. Teddy, this is your blog, say what you want. If they don't like it they can go away. People more famous than you have said way worse thing on social media and millions of people still follow them. It helps to get whats on your mind out with out a filter. take care and sending prayers always.

  3. Sorry to admit but this is my first time visiting tour blog. Teddy i live with cronic illness also and totally agree with your decision to speak as you please. I have Stage 4 NASH Cirrohsis with Varices. Each day is a gift and a lesson in what issues are worth our breath and strength. I pray for you daily.

  4. I totally agree with you. Remember tomorrow is promised to no one, so live your life to the fullest every day. Turn on some great music and quilt away. You are in my prayers every night.


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