Quilting Mends the Soul - It does

Hello all, gonna be short but sweet today. I am hoping to actually get some sleep!

Those of you who are on steroids - i.e. prednisone, deltasone etc., know the pain I am in right now. I had to get up early for an appointment on Monday across state, which was a farce really, it could have been done local and sent via electronic transfer easily. But I get it they want it done their way.

Sew, I did not take my normal meds the night before since I had to get up so early, but I did take my daily meds that morning upon arriving at my destination, which includes steroids. I did the 150 mile drive back home after all was said and done. Really a 6 hour round trip for an appointment that was may be 30 minutes total. I took my night time meds on the way home about 45 minutes from getting here, and was able to go to sleep without many issues - except it reset my circadian rhythm. Yep still trying to get it right now. IT SUCKS!

So here I sit at 0400 writing.

I did however plan several new quilt designs, even went as far as cutting fabrics for one I have in mind! That is a plus I do not like to cut when I am tired or have double vision from meds that I take, but I was having a moment and just had to do it!

For those of us who are on these little wonder drugs either full time like me or for a short stent. Know it is normal to have the oddest burst of energy and lack of sleep during periods of higher dosing. My friend just started 40 mg in the last month for cancer treatments and lung scarring from radiation. We talked shortly today, and she said to me; "I almost called you at 0300, but thought better; figured that you were in bed". (I was not) I laughed and said it sounds like you are on prednisone - her answer was priceless! Much color verbiage involved. She hates them but loves them since she is able to breath so much better now and is able to accomplish things, whether it be it at 0300 or during the day. She is like me, she knows when to sleep when her body says too or nap in my case mostly.

The best things to do while this little miracle drug is in your system:
Let it do it't thing. They do help
Know you are going to gain weight about a pound per milligram you are on for the duration of that dose amount, NOT CONTINUED just if your are on 40 mg you will most likely gain 40 pounds mostly water weight, but you will have crazy food craving.
Take them as early in the morning as you can and EAT to avoid stomach upset.
You will get up in the middle of the night and decided to repaint walls, tear out carpeting and rearrange furniture in the beginning. ( I have been on them for 33 years now, so not too bad unless my days and nights get mixed up).
Tell your doctor if things get manic for you RIGHT AWAY!
EAT multiple small meals to keep you from gorging (grazing is better)
I crave CRAVE dark chocolate on them.
Caffeine and prednisone DO NOT MIX well it is enhanced greatly when mixed.
MOOD SWINGS OH MY GOD! Its like your own private trapeze training camp! It gets better with time.
Always ask for a slow taper off when it is time, you will crash for sure if not.
Oral is much better over injection any time any day. Injection processes so fast they do not work well for many especially chronic pain suffering, they just get peed out and your are back to square one with in days!
Night sweats are a given! Not your own personal summers either. THEY GIVE YOU DRENCHING NIGHT SWEATS, DAY SWEATS, and I gotta pee sweats etc.
Take your time when you first start with doing things, nap when you need to and slowing your routine down will help a great deal. BUT above all, DO NOT STOP them thinking you are not getting the best benefit. They need to reach a therapeutic range to be helpful in the long rung.

Last go to an OPHTHALMOLOGIST NOT Optometrist, there are specific test you need for your eyes due to cataract and glaucoma possibilities.

So I have taken my meds to get this beginning panic attack out of the way and it may actually work. I have too much on my mind with things to get done the up coming holiday weekend, and then drive back across state next Tuesday, so I have stressed myself out, and well I am just not sleeping well.

I hope you are having as good a day as possible. And know you are never alone in this. Remember to take your time, know your limits, and get help when you need it. Scream if you want, hit something soft when you need (pillow therapy) over cast any day. And of course let me know if you are looking for any help in resources. I am working on a list now for you all.

And lastly but not least - Create to your hearts content it counts if its on paper or in your head when you can not get up and do it.

Til next time -



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