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So this morning during my blow out blow up; I went into the kitchen to make myself some Gatorade. Yes, I use the powder form, why should I pay for the water and container when I can make it at home when I want it! I am thrifty that way. Any way, when I go to put the lid on my cup - which so many of us use, and yes I am publishing this to both blogs today as it is much needed information due to the large numbers of us who use these cups. I discovered something! I was devastated...

A week or so ago I was on a You Tube binge I was just not feeling like doing anything, but resting and just giving myself visual and mental stimulation as that is very important to remember to do when dealing with a chronic illness flare including Anxiety, Depression, and stress related diseases. I see a thumbnail that said "This Yeti cup almost killed my patient". I ignored the first few times it ran through my feed...

Seeing the same thumbnail on the 5th round I decided to click it, of course I though "click bait" to get me to go to that channel. This is one "click bait" I am glad I clicked.

Lo and Behold this was a doctor talking about a patient who was suffering terrible pains, include nausea, vomiting, ever increasing fatigue, memory issues, and a myriad of other issues. The patients PCP kept running test and not finding a thing that was explaining all of the issues the patient was having for over four months and Five courses of antibiotics.

Of course the frustration for both the practitioner and patient were ever increasing as the symptoms never got better and at times worsened. This is about a 5 minute video if I remember correctly. You Tube link for the video by Doctor Beau a chiropractor who is a viral now You Tuber over this video. [In the section further down is the Good House Keeping article which proves his thoughts to be right]!

So, they keep seeing one another going over things, except one day the patient was sitting in the office awaiting the doctors latest test results, and the doctor walked in noticing the Yeti cup sitting next to patient. He walked over took the lid off and looked in it.

I was dumbfounded!

Now I do not own a Yeti cup, but I do have a Bubba Keg, and many others which have this same type of lid that has a rubber seal that acts like a vacuum to keep it sealed. (Disclaimer I in no way am saying this is Yeti's fault at all, and in face Yeti has since released a statement as well on this topic); Apparently with all Yeti cups it tells you to remove the rubber seal regularly and wash it separately. I did not remember having this instruction with my Keg cup, nor any of the other small ones I have about the kitchen which get used almost daily and still have not looked to see if those rubber seals come off or not yet, But I will for sure.

When the doctor removed the rubber seal it was black and covered with a oily substance! Which turned out to be a form of mold which can cause food poisoning and or mycotoxins!!!!

I realize I just got over this very same thing, but much worse! It was tested and sure enough food poisoning was the culprit and antibiotics were started immediately. I never thought about any thing else other than what I ate, where I had been etc., even when the Health Department called for a followup due this being a recordable reportable event in any state! It is necessary to track if there may be others. The only off thing before I began to get sick was that I had ate at a fast food place on my way back from U of M, which I do not normally par take of fast food as I am not sure what is in it and what I may react to. Of course being on immune suppression is a big thing as well I have to be very careful of others illness and bacteriology.

I had put this video in the back of mind until this morning - mainly because I was not feeling well, and had brain fog happening and just forgot about it - UNTIL THIS MORNING!

I went in as I said to make my Gatorade as I needed to ensure my electrolytes remained at a good level as I was just not well this morning and had a great deal of body function issues we will say, and could not figure out why and still not sure as to the cause, but it did start a Lupus flare for me which has my skin on fire at the moment, but I am used to feeling like I have a bad sunburn even though I have NOT been in the sun at all at least not direct light from the sun, but window light can do the same - I cover this in my book of which is the chapter I am working on now.

So I digress; I walked into the kitchen made my drink put in it in my Bubba Keg cup and then looked for the lid; of course not where it should have been but I did find it. Just as I am about to put the lid on, that video clicked into my head! So I stop and take a look at the seal on the lid, and was stopped in my tracks literally! I could see the discoloration through the opaque seal!!!

OMG! I about fell off the floor!

Yes I was that dumbfounded I almost fell off the floor which is impossible I know, but still it was shocking to me!

So I gently pulled the seal off and looked, it too was covered in a brown black oily looking substance! I immediately turned on the hot water filled a bowl with anti bacterial soap, dawn and some fantastic spray for good measure and put the seal in. I am attaching article from Good Housekeeping here for you all to read on this unknown culprit!

Mold in your Travel Mug please read this article in full!

I am just sick to my stomach that this stupid little mistake on my part could be the reason I have been feeling so sick lately! I had NO idea this could happen even. Of course not in the main stream media either, I mean really how many times have I talked previously about going to the doctor and not feeling well, all the while my insurance is paying for these visits! Not to mention the lab work, the meds, the days down and lost forever over something so simple and the information was not made shareable! I will also Post the article above to my groups today, as well as make a pin for it in my Pinterest accounts, as well as Tweet this out to as many as I can!

Mycotoxins for those who are not aware of them are this: Mycotoxins -The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease understands Mold / Fungi produce a myriad of chemical compounds. Some of those compounds are the direct causation of illness and disease while others produce proteins that in-turn cause illness.
Bacterial contaminants such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella, and Listeria.
Parasitic contaminants such as Giardia intestinalis and Cryptosporidium.
Viral contaminants - Rota virus.

I won the big prize of Camphylobacter even being a nurse I had not really heard of this little gem. I now KNOW EVERYTHING there is for this little bitch of a gem, due to mold growth and possible other variables. Truthfully I still have no idea how I contracted it, yet I will say this; healthy immune systems can kill off this one; however those with compromised immunity can not - and YEP that is ME! I had this for about 3 months since last November and am still getting over it, since the dead cells which remain after antibiotic treatment can be found for up to 6 months while they are dead they continue to cause GI distress as your own body is trying to rid you of it completely.

I am now heading to the kitchen to pull out every lid I have for these cups and check them, if they seal does not come of it goes in the garbage completely and never to be seen again, I am not going to try to bleach it, kill it with alcohol or anything else, it will be incinerated!

Check your cup lids - Stay healthy, safe, strong and happy.

Remember you have some to rant to, listen to you, give you advice and just take a moment to say I understand even if no one else does. This is me, and I know what you are going through.



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