Your creative space - how to claim it.

You may not have a studio, or a dedicated room for your sewing and creating but what you do have - make it your own.

I began sewing many years ago, and I used the dining room table. I then got fancy and got a sewing cabinet, then I finally made a dedicated space.

Time will be taken to create the right space for you to have a creative and fun experience in. Know you will not do it over night. I began small, once I got a sewing cabinet for my machine I was in my living room, I used the couch, the floor, a chair, the end and coffee tables for layout, I even taped things to the wall next to me. I was not creating anything elaborate nor was I doing large quilts in FMQ, I had chosen to utilize the quilt as you go method, since it fit in the space I had. The entire time; a full unused basement sat waiting for me to remember it was there.

Now, my basement is my studio; nothing grand for sure. It does not have finished ceilings or walls (painted concrete) or wood flooring, but it is all mine except for the mechanical area (not a good place to make things in).

I am lucky yes to have such a large space. I created this one for a friend using QAYG method in my living room. See all the pieces and parts above on the floor? I was in the corner, and it was good for me. I could watch the television, get and do things about the house and go back when I wanted. It was great for the time. Then I went to the basement to put salt in our softener system and it hit me, why don't I just move down here. There were plans made for this space long ago and it was not a sewing studio for sure. But things came up and things happened and it never happened. Sew it is my studio now.

My studio area where I cut, fill orders and store things now. It is no longer my office, that is now in my kitchen so I can see everything and get more done in the real world over my studio world - two completely different things for sure. I used inexpensive cube sets, these each have 9 12 x 12 cubes in them and there are 8 of them put together, with affordable yet sturdy melamine board on top. When I started I did not have a quilt frame, so there is a very large area near the wall which is 4 x 8 feet where my embroidery machine was and I did my quilting there, it was easy to move about and not get tangled up.

I added my frame and Embroidery machine Singer Futura Quartet is on it, yep that is the water pump next to me, does not bother me, as it is necessary to have water. The wall is no longer painted like that either, it is better solid color that goes with the copper! Yes I have an embroidery machine on a Grace SR2 frame, works great for me!

I need to take new pictures of things which are complete. This area was just added, it is the fabric storage room for the fabrics I sell on line at as well as I will not create new fabrics here in this space as I moved my computer back up a floor to have better internet connections.

But as you can see I took full advantage of the area and space I had. It was a mess of storage area to begin with for sure, so the possibilities were not seen for a long time. But, now I can do what I what when I want and have the room I need.

Now, many of you do not have this area or room, but you have a small niche, or spare room you can convert. I covered my fabric storage area with foam board to double as walls and my design wall. My grandmothers quilt hangs there on the end where I have a sofa now. I do have all that I need there except a bathroom, and I fear if that were there I would not come out!

Take the space you have, make it your own. Use every square inch of wall space, and make it personal. A place you want to be. I have four machines in my studio, and my grand mother's treadle in my living room. I still have threads show up in odd places, or pieces of fabric laying about all over even in on upper floor where the bedrooms are, must be stuck to something on me when I go up to bed.

I made my space to fit me, used colors I liked, I don't look at the ceiling that often and when I do it is just one of those I will get to that things.

Sew, in the short. Find a space for you. Small or large or in between. The dining room table even works. But make it your own. It does not need an alarm system, or vault like doors to keep those out you do not wish to come in, but it does need to fit your personality, your needs and your liking.

The space should be a get away. A window to the outside will make a good option too, for the natural light to see what your colors truly look like in real time light, not our fabricated lights, even though my ott lighting is nice, I still like natural lighting too.

Stackable cubes make for great surfaces to add a top too and get a iron or cutting surface out of them, and cubes you can store fabric in or whatever else fits.

My studio has come along way since these photos, and it surely is my space. I have my motivational wall art there as you can see. I also have an amazing partner who can built whatever my little brain come up with. I have had two back surgeries and and Ironing board just made it hurt more. SEW the ironing area there is custom, it is at a height which does not require me to stoop or bend over it, my arm is in a 45 degree angle at all times, so I can fit large or small onto the surface, it falls over to the back as I move it along. I can truly iron a full yard at one time on that surface.

Just a piece of metal art I had for another room, and never used it there, so It went up on the concrete wall. Used some copper pot paint and made it is own spot for me to see when I come down the stairs. I have added rugs and anti fatigue mats too for the concrete floors!

Again make your space yours. A comfortable chaotic creative space! Enjoy your time there! Put a coffee pot or electric tea kettle in even a wine cooler (yes I have one for water and soda and juice).

My space is where I find the love to pass on into my work. And remember a quilt unfinished in waiting to love! And a space made to your taste and needs keeps you creating beauty.

You do not need a palace, but you can imagine it to be while you are there!

Until next time. Peace


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