Life Update! Including Pre Order Status.

Hello!  It is Sunday, woke to  about 5 inches of snow on the ground!  Now I have tulips blooming.  Ahhh the wilds of living in Michigan you just never know what the weather will bring.  It supposed to be raining at the moment, yet fully sunny out.  Not sure of the temp as we still a few little piles of snow on the ground here and there where the shade is.  At 5 pm no less!

Sew - what have you been up to sewing wise or other?

Me.  I have been working on a Dream Big Dahlia panel for a wedding quilt.  I am machine stitching it in the trapunto manner first, then will put it on the frame once the outer blocks are complete as I have NOT started them nor do I know exactly what it is I want to do for them yet.  As well I am working on a Birthday Quilt in some very funky so not my colors colors quilt.  We will see how that goes.  It is very Bright and Miami Vice ish to me. Sew not me.  But my sister lives in Florida so I will go on with it, as she will just use it in the camper I am sure since it is going to be very light weight and they do a lot of mud bogging and kayaking with their new camper.  So a fun splash of color!  Pardon the pun since they do a lot of water related activities.

I do have a few orders ready to go out in the morning as well.  One which woke me at 329 a.m., I was a bit unhappy my phone buzzed so many times on that one.  Not sure still what that was all about, but it is what it is and I took a nap.  I needed one I think.  Now sitting here writing and waiting on the chicken to cook for dumplings.  I love some chicken and dumplings and very easy when you just don't want to be in the kitchen and at your machine's instead be them what ever they be!

Now for a bit of a live update:  I go to U of M on Wednesday for a consultation on my heart and what the next steps will be, if it will be a MAJOR or MINOR surgery that will hopefully get me back on my feet to where I was before the surgery in March which in truth kicked my ass!

Sew as far as the pre order deal.  I will not know what I am going to do until this consultation and then will make a decision on those.  As July is a bit off but yet so close on those that everyone is interested in.  I just don't want to be in a situation where you all have pre ordered then NOT be able to get those orders out due to being in hospital or worse.  We won't go there.   But you get what I mean.  So hold tight on that front and I will let every one know for sure. 

On the front of my pinterest don't forget to join me in the journey of oh sew many ideas and pins and new promotes along with the upcoming I hope You Tube "tutes" I hope to start.  I am working on some ideas.  You know it must be nice to have some make the entire quilt for you before you do the tutorial - I do not have that option I have to do it myself.  And I do not want to have to take you through the whole process.  Even though you are actually while I film the progress, then edit it and all that.  But, if you do not like what you did then you have to start all over.  So it is a production for sure.  So I am working on that for sure.  I will be filming up stairs for a bit until I can get off this damn blood thinner and not be an icicle more often then not.

I am definitely planning on the Dahlia on my domestic machine and how I did it for sure.  It was fund and not to frustrationalizing and it shows how you do not have to be a FMQer.  

Yes I make up my own words for sure!  But it makes life a bit more exciting!  

I have been watching a lot of You Tube videos of late as well, and I tell you I have been perplexed by these "Beauty Influencer's"  for sure, most of them are men.  There are a couple of them that just make me laugh though, and truth be told I did not know at first they were actually men.  The names gave them away, but there is one in London that the voice used for filming is so calming and I noticed how many men and women said how the voice used was so calming it helped with anxiety attacks.  John McClean is the name and you wanna talk about perfect English and elocution it is crazy.  I have to laugh every time the word fil-um is used for "film", but I think his accent is actually Scottish with a London twist.  So it is nice to have an escape from reality at times; but truthfully the most popular things are horrid drama stuff.  But I have found a bit of destressor in these videos.  

The quilters are a bit old and boring of late, so it is time for some new stuff people!  Hello, let's get that going!  I mean I know you can only make so many four patch videos or what ever, and the Sizzix videos or Accu Quilt ones you have to HAVE the die to make those!  LOL so lose lose on those.  So I do hope to add some fresh information out there very soon!  It is just an undertaking and like I have said I am just not bouncing back from the last surgery and all the changes I have had to experience.  

I am back now.  I had to make my dumplings.  YUM YUM YUUUUUM, they smell wonderful!

I am ready for some sewing now.  I have I think only the outer 12 petal left to do then square and then audition some fabrics and decide on block lay out etc.  Not much, then it will go on the frame for a bit of a twist on it.  Stay Tuned.

Until next time.
Peaceful creating!


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