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Yep, we are going to talk today about your gild! Online mainly and what is the right group to become a member of!

Online Quilting Gilds are a new thing in this past decade or so, and they are growing fast!


You don't have to leave your home you can join at any time of day or night, and there is always inspiration to be found. But how do we know which is the right fit?

Simple answer we really do not until we join into an online group and see if the fit is right. Now, some will ask you questions before you are "Allowed" to par take, others will look at your personal Facebook page, and still others will just deny anyone they deem unfit.

I don't know about you, but I do not have many quilts on my personal page on FB. I just don't have them there. Really, go look! Seriously, I created a group for the reason's I will talk about today. We may laugh a bit, we may put an angry face emoji up or we may just say whaaaaaa... I did for sure.

Quilting Perfectly Imperfect at is the group I created for one reason, I was shamed in another group. The first one I joined actually. But the good part is I found two amazing friends who are now part of my group as admins and Monica Kay as you all know is my online business partner. Sew what happend?

Let me tell you!

First, I joined when I was home after heart surgery, and needed something to give me inspiration to start a hobby that was low stress. I chose quilting, and therefore set out to find inspiration. And lo and behold I found this great looking group. I joined after the three day wait to be "approved", and set out the see just what I could learn. I figured I am a novice, new to it really (well not that new) but was only doing 4 or 9 patch quilts, which I did quilt as you go on, no frames for me. I had been hand quilting and it just took so long, and I am wanting instant results like many of us do. This group was also where I discovered Jenny Doan and her wonderful array of fabrics and tutorials, I was not a You Tuber for sure, so finding that little ditty was great for me! I sat back and read post, and saw something's which perplexed me, (mean girls) and then I saw some wonderful things. I am an adult and I know what the scroll on by option is, so I did just that. Until...

Insert dramatic music here with a little anticipation and a bit of Halloween's theme song! I may have screamed like Jamie Lee Curtis at one point!

Sew, I got some inspiration, watched a lot of Jenny's tutorials and started a queen size quilt and finished it, it is on my bed actually. I love it, took me a bit but was very proud of it, so I posted a pic and of course the normal questions came along of the pattern, fabrics etc., sew I obliged including what I use for batting. There my friends was my down fall from grace. I use fleece as my batting! YES - you can say it Fleeeeece what are you thinking? Warmth that is what, and it was affordable, remember I went from working to NOT working.

What was the downfall? Well let me tell you! I was told I was wrapping babies in plastic and they were going to burn up literally burn up! I was like what? I was attacked basically it was just crazy to me. BUT, but there were some who came to my defense I will tell you. Monica Kay and Margaret Grimes to be exact. I was dumbfounded, hurt and felt like I had done something wrong for sure. It was not a good feeling at all for me.

After a couple days of stewing [ had stayed in the group] and laid low, watched the number of comments grow some good some not so bad, and others; well let me tell you I had Flamboyant, Over the top colorful, mystical words coming out of my mouth at those! OHHHHHH I was pissed! How dare they! Attacking someone you don't know on a group which is supposed to provide support and inspiration, I was... well, perplexed. Monica and Margaret both said how awful it was, and they were just not happy with the comments. I said I think I am going to start my own group; both did not hesitate to encourage me to do so. And there folks was the birth of my baby: "Quilting Perfectly Imperfect" (QPI). Oh there have been other groups I had joined in and left or was removed from for saying it like it is, but I am retired nurse and psychologist, I don't believe hurtful mean words are worth it, and why for that matter! What do you get out of hurting others feelings.

Now, lets talk about these rules in other "groups", oh the rules, pages and pages and pages for some, it is like a... hmmm.... tactfulness is difficult here. Oh, it's like a bulls hit head trip! Seriously you want to control so much of nothing, it is ridiculous! See I was tactful there! Well sorta. Come on give me a break I am having a moment here with memories not so good!

When I began QPI there were 10 rules, yes TEN! GASP! No entry questions to the secret society, no blood samples or hair test. Ten very simple rules. 1 .PLEASE NO POLITICS EVER 2. Post pictures of what you have created, be kind, respectful of others feelings, and think before you hit post please. 3. NO Fabric snobs, No point perfectionist, NO regulators of others - Deletion will occur for these actions. 4. Enjoy the post, comment if you like with positive and uplifting comments. 5. Post pics of your work, if it is not to be copied please state so, or understand It maybe recreated! 6. If you want to sell/buy something craft related i.e., no cars, appliances etc., please do so but know you take responsibility for the transactions 7. DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY - EVER that is something you do privately. 8. If you need help ask - there is NO such thing as a dumb question. 9. Share your photos and their creative process. What prompted you to create what you have, share your history, your family and pets. 10. Judge NOT so thou will not be judged later. Just a note to remember to be nice, creative, compassionate, and caring of others feelings.

Oh #3 - please you can kiss my grits if you wanna judge my fabric and where it came from. I was on a serious budget like so many today. This is why was created. Monica and I discussed the cost of quilting and the budgets it could break, and we decided to start an online store to help with this. And we have damn good stuff TOO! We put a lot of work into find things you will like and are affordable - not cheap! AFFORDABLE.

See those rules are simple straight forward and oh sew easy to follow - I have had to add a couple more here and there, but those are for the ones who just want to annoy the bejuzus outta us and try to scam others. I went to law school - scammer BEWARE there are sew many laws to protect us, I know them too. Sew just say'in I like to make your life hell if you scam my family!

QPI is a place of fun, creative, positive people from around the world. We welcome everyone, even beginners! YES! A place for beginners to feel safe to ask questions, post first works, and get advice from the skilled. I tell you I learn something new every day! Well, I learn a lot every day actually from all of the members at QPI. A great wonderful group of people. I like to say Quilting has brought the world together, and it has in my world. Not only quilting I see sew many amazing crafts and art I am awed, inspired, and down right proud to call you all my family! I have said it before I have a family of over; well 17 thousand now! WOW Close to 18 thousand and everyone of you are unique, fun, inspiring and loving - most of all respectful and if there is that one bruise on the apple it gets cut off and we eat it anyway, usually in a pie!

Now don't get me wrong here, QPI is not the only quilting group in the world which is fun and loving. But It is the only one for me; well it does keep me busy. My point join, look around, explore and feel the groups out, if it is right for you stay, if not leave. If you don't like something - there is thing called a scroll button on your mouse, or a swipe of your finger on your phone to get you passed it, and OH yeah there is a hide this post option too! Use it, you do not have to make a rude comment, attack others or be mean for the sake of your own self worth of making other's feel bad, truthfully if I were still practicing I would give you my number for counseling referrals that you need if your life is lifted by making others feel bad.

Ending on a good note. Try out some new groups, get a feel for them leave if not a good fit, stay if you like it. But always remember you NEVER have to feel bad for your work of art you created no matter what others say. A quilt or art project is part of you, and expression of your being, and is loved by one at least and that is you! And I am sure any quilt is loved by the one who received it. But a quilt left unfinished is a quilt waiting to love, so go for it, create it, post it, love it and pass this amazing art form on to others!

P.S. NEVER feel your questions are dumb, we learn from questions, that is why you had so many to answer during your school years. DER you learned from all those!

Create with love and inspire others to do the same.

Til next time! peace!


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