UFO's - Don't fly

UFO's !!! They don't have little green men in them, nor do they fly! What to do with those haunting little things!

UFO - unfinished objects/projects - The ones you did but did not complete. These little buggers can haunt you, or oh dear you forgot you had it and found it, or they pile up! What is one to do with all of these?

Well - Lets dive into the pile and see if we find a needle (or forbid a lost pin).

We all have them, unfinished projects we put to the side whether they are complete tops waiting to be quilted or partial tops we need to actually finish. What do we do, where do we start?

List - YES! make a list of all of them. Detail in this manner or similar:
What it is - Name of it
Is is complete top or partial
What needs to be done - Quilted, finished, ripped apart
When did you make it approximately
Is there enough fabric to finish it, or do you have the backing ready
Who could use it? Who you made ii for?

This little ditty can be kept in your diary - a good thing to have for all your projects. So lets do a little list to start one if you don't have one already. Killing two birds (I like bugs to killed better) with one stone!
Get a Diary or lined ledger type book, one that appeals to you! (YES, you can do digital too). But I prefer handwritten... (becoming lost art or so I believe).
Each page will be your entry for the projects you have
Each page allows for us to write in the following information:
Name of project
Who is it for
Fabric used
Pattern used - Mooey Importantay! (yes I meant that spelling)
DATE started and Completed
Thread used
Backing used or wanted to be used
Cost if you need it
Who quilted it and the cost of that
Type of batting used and amounts
Size! Yes, size matters - so if you really want to do it again in a new scheme of colorway, you have it ready for you!

Why do this? You can often time's write your hobby expenses off on your taxes, and this is a good way to keep track of them. Make a section in your diary or put a pocket in it, for your purchase receipts! YES! YOU can Write off hobby expenses. Or if you have a business you are starting this is a good habit to get into!

Okay back to the task at hand! Ufo's - Bleh, man o man why!

Well, the why is to get them done. It is Holiday Season, and completed quilts make AMAAAAAAZING gifts for those who have everything! Or for a donation, it does make you feel better about what it is you create and can get you into the mood again to celebrate! Try it, when I did it was the best feeling ever!

Okay, sew. How do we decide?

Well, it is up to you. But here is what I do - I find the one that is most complete or ready to be finished. Yes I have a couple with binding needing to be done, and it is done then! Seriously I hated binding for a long time - not so much now.

Okay, so we have a list, and in that list lets say there are Five. I have five so, I need to get them done, once other projects are done this week I have a to do list, and one UFO is on it. When one is busy, and many of you are much more busy than me, it can be just overwhelming to get to things to complete, and of course well you have that list of to do projects that will last a life time and just keeps growing daily for some hourly - Monica Kay!

Here is what I do when I am trying to find one to do. I check my mood! Yep, am I in the mood to go back and rip it out? or am I in the mood to quilt, or maybe I'm in the mood to sew some and finish something up. Sew, once you decide, IRON IT! A wrinkled top is unappealing! It just is, all ick looking from the folds, wadding up, or (gasP) you through it the corner! Here is where an over-sized iron board comes in handy and an iron with some serious steam holes in it makes your life easier!

Well, it is ironed out. Now put it up on your design wall/floor/dining room table. Step back and look at it! Are you happy with this project? It is one that you will love to give or keep? YES! yay!

Okay get it organized - by what needs to be done i.e. quilted after you sandwich it, borders completed, etc. This is important to have all the items you will need to get going. Plan it out, even if you do not start that same day, its out and ready for you when you go back into your space. If you need to baste and have not tried spray basting, give it a try, what can it hurt? Why did I day that? Well, you did put it away and not complete it, so it's not near and dear to your heart, try something new on it, it may become your favorite. Spray basting is a breeze (but keep yourself in a breeze) as in a well ventilated room while spraying it, and if you are on the floor doing it, put something under your top to keep over spray off the floor, harder than smashed beans in your hair to comb out (or in my case banana) - long story!

Okay - YOU ARE READY! Now what, what is something new you can try? How bout if you did not try the spray basting a variegated thread! Yes! I love them! They are so fun and can make your top pop! Or pop your top over it! Give it a try! We have them at www.sewnsewhome.com and the colors are amazing as well. I use them often on quilting on my mid arm.

I can say the feeling of accomplishment is worth the effort! If it just needs quilting and binding it is like you did the whole thing in a day or two. It can lift your spirits and inspire your next project.

If it's a ripper, well... enjoy the process of this as well. It obviously did something to deserve to be ripped, Seam Fix rippers are the best, and yes I have them on the store as well www.sewnsewhome.com.

(A seam ripper that quickly cuts threads and a rubber tip on the end that grabs and removes threads). It is my favorite seam ripper! Removes thread with rubber head much like and eraser! Sew, it makes ripping out a little more fun, and yes I take out frustrations while ripping, especially if it is a lot to do. But, those blocks usually become a seriously gorgeous new project!

That one is not done yet, I have to find it. BUT I ripped it out sew many times it got lost in the shuffle. It will be gorgeous when I get it done.

Now, Get going on a UFO, fly with it. Make it beautiful, and you will have a quilt ready to love. An unfinished quilt can not love.

Enjoy your day. And look for the next post soon! I have sew many ideas!


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