Thread all over the place!

If you are like me you have thread in the oddest of places at times.  I swear I had it what I was cooking the other day as well.

Of course it is from one end of the house to the other as well as on every floor of the house too!  I have it in my upstairs areas all the time, and have no idea how it got there!

Of course it is all over the floor of my studio most of the time, I do vacuum that often and then use an old seam ripper to remove it from the brush roller of the vacuum.  But it just happens.  I do not have one of those little bags on my machines to put it in.  I do the Elanor Burns throw it over my shoulder kind of thing.  I don't have time to stop put it in a cup or whatever, at least that is what I tell myself.  

I use every kind of thread out there.  And I am not one who must match my color to my fabric when I piece, I use 100% cotton mostly, I do have some for my mid arm that is a mix and love them from Superior. I most often use Connecting threads cotton (linty), and have now discovered I do really Like the YLI Star threads a LOT, not as linty and they have wonderful colors with 1200 yards per spool.  I go to the website now that I realize there is one, usually bought on Amazon.  Prices are the same as well.  But the website has so many more options to it I did not realize until I visited. 

I posted on this in QPI today as well with the link!  Good stuff Maynard!

I am slowly getting back into the game for sure.  I am working on TOO many projects at once, which is what I do; I get bored too easy.  Right now I am working on a couple of gifts which are taking forever I need to stop those to get a wedding quilt done for JUNE no less!  And then I am still working on my Dahlia panel with my own way to see if it works or not.  I am using decorative stitching instead of FMQ ( Which I suck at by the way)  I can do it on my mid arm but this is not one of those things I wanted to do on that.  I plan to continue it with QYAG if it comes out as planned with just the panel, then add some Dresden plate blocks around it, again if it comes out the way I want.  

I have so many things to cut block wise it is not funny one of the worst parts for me.  Some find it therapeutic, I do not!  My hands start to cramp from the RA, and it is just not my thing.  I love to piece and quilt as you go too.  I know I have a mid arm with frame, but you have to be able to stand at that for some time to get anything done.  Oh and the loading of the quilt just takes the winds out of my sails for sure.  Lately it does not take much to do that.  I can fart and be out of wind!  Hopefully this will all change soon with new ideas from my medical team coming soon!

Which brings me to my next point, the stores may be closed for a bit if the surgery happens I am hoping for so I may fully recover as I will be in hospital for about 10 weeks along with rehab after surgery.  I may lose my summer, but I will get back my strength I do hope.  We will see.  Fingers crossed and prayers hourly for this all to work out in the coming months.  I will keep you updated. 

Also you will notice I placed the link for my Etsy Shop as well, it is linked to Haver Island Website and it does offer you more options for payments as well other than just pay pal.  I think that is what a lot of people were hoping for, and my Go Daddy just was not having it.  I may change over my plat forms here soon; but not to soon.  I want to see how things go for sure.  I may add cut option on all the in stock not too low stock as well; however this screws up my inventory counts between linked stores It is most likely user error I am sure.  As I stated I am still learning everything as I go along!  No web builders for me!

Also on my pinterest page you will see new boards as they come to me.  I do have one especially for the Hoffman Dream Big Dahlia panels that have a ton of great ideas on it, as well as so many other boards for just every day living, beginning quilting, this blog and a few other things to be added soon.  It is also linked to both stores too! 

Okay my cat rats are just too much today!  Henry just pulled the OH I am starving meow on me for treats (did not work)  then I look over and Oliver is in a box with his tongue sticking out, and looking like a drunk box driver!  Laughs they are the best medicine for sure!

So like and subscribe and tell me what kinds of thread you like or let me know if you would like me to try some out.  I will be beginning the You Tube series on comparisons of items soon - After May 1st as that is the day I find out the plan for the heart thing.  

Until next time - take care, create well and live and laugh all you can for tomorrow is not promised. 



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