Getting back to Basics -

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know, this blog will be going back to quilting and crafting only. I will no longer put my updates here, as it just redundant with having White Lies - Living with Chronic Illness and How to cope.

Once I am back to 100% - I don't think I will ever look at a carton of eggs the same way again! OUCH - I am getting past the shuffling and able to stand more upright; but truthfully have never been this tired when I threw my back out before.

I am planning to make 35 Project Linus Quilts this year and Donate them at various times throughout the year. This may sound ambitious, but I do not work either I am home 90% of time, looking out at the world from within my own four walls as truthfully I find it hard to trust others at any moment of the day. It is just so awful in our world at the moment, and I fear it may get worse before better. I am not a political person by any means; truthfully I am not sure if it has to do with politics or just how people are these days.

I worked so many years in Healthcare, and then came home maybe I forgot what people were like and kept my ideals the same without realizing the changes happening in front of me and now the news is just highlighting it all for me now.

Being a retired psychologist I know quilting is a much more affordable and fun form of therapy as is gardening. I long for the days I am able to be back out in my gardens and take care of them myself. I hope 2019 allows me this bit of luxury as 2018 did not! UGH my poor flowers just did awful last year due to neglect - however one must do what one must do to get back on the right track.

I am in the process of working out the fabric line, as I have ordered a strike off or two and will go from there once those arrive and I see the quality for the pricing. I could justify it as it is fabric panels NO ONE else has as they are custom by my company and original. I do hope things work out well. Too I am awaiting the panels and fabric I have on order at the moment, and will contact the suppliers on those Friday the 15th. Wow this month is almost over!

I too will be getting those fat quarter sets up soon. I have just had too many things go wrong in too less of time. They are just about ready to go up for sure, I just have to get them finalized and up on the store site. As I think I may have stated the store really does depend on this years tax return, if it is just not viable I will no longer have it, and go back to what I did when I first started, Destash sites. THAT is just a true pain in the butt for me with all the invoicing by hand, and then ensuring the stock is just right etc. The store site makes it easier, but we as small businesses lost a great deal of our deductions so the Billionaires of the world can continue to make more and more money and sit back and laugh.

I read Amazon will not pay state taxes again this year in the states of which they have distribution centers, I am not even sure how that works unless they are in states which DO NOT have a state tax and higher sales tax. I have to look into that. As I love AMAZON and now I have this great little tool called where it looks for the best prices for me, without having to do a ton of research to get the best price! Love it, it actually worked with my grocery delivery service and I know it works with Amazon, I think it is much like E-bates, but easier.

Also, I am working on the merchandise site too Redbubble - I have great number more of designs to go up, but will get the QPI ones done first and continue with the Quilting Mends the Soul line as well. I have to revamp for sure, and get my niche set. Also don't forget I am on Pinterest now too, lots of fun things there to look at that I think you will enjoy. We will see what the rest of 2019 holds. One day at a time for sure.

Until next time - Create well, with love and joy in your hearts.




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