You don't know Jack - Jack the Seam Ripper that is!

What is your go to seam ripper.  We all have them or better yet several of them.  I have them all over the house.  I do have a go to one for sure. The Dritz "Seam Fix"  ripper.  I love that ripper so much I have I think six open now.  I use them all over the place. 

As you can see it is much larger, BUT the kicker are the rubber "eraser" type ends they are diffent on each end, so instead of picking out the threads you erase them in a manner to speak.  It makes it so much easier than the old way.  You can get these in your LQS or Amazon or any other big brand store's around you shop with fabric's.  I don't mention them anymore since they do not sponsor me and well frankly I am upset with them for too many changes and price increases (you all know who I speak of - we shall not speak her name here)! 

My next favorite that I must admit I NEVER use is a hand made one very similar to this one pictured. 

I have the middle one.  This ripper is custom made hand turned exotic wood, they also come in acrylic and basic woods as well.  I just like to look at it.  I had the two sizes of rippers put on over the stylus you can have on the opposite edge. 

Next is the dratted ripper which comes will all machines and we probably have a few lying around when we can not find out favorite one. 
Most of the time it is beige very generic looking for sure.  I have them in my box when I need one fast.  

Then there is this one...
I call it the scalpel.  Never used one, never will.  I am on blood thinners NO THANKS for all that bleeding that would happen for sure.  Not even sure what it would be used on truthfully.

I also have one that is for upholstery too.
It is much larger and very strong for ripping out heavier threads.  I do have one that is ergonomic as well for when I am redoing a large piece.  As you can see it tells what all the parts of the ripper is.  The little red ball is moot, it will protect fabric, but not the side you are ripping on.  I know from experience for sure. 

Then we have the electric one!
Basically a neck trimmer someone decided to put a name on and call it an electric seam ripper.  You can get these much cheaper in the hair isle at big box stores for sure, and yes they are the same I have checked.  And I used to cut hair a millennia ago and know these inside and out.  Don't get caught up in the titles of things...
Umm blood bath awaiting you!  If you use this please be careful as there is no protection from cutting you or your project badly!!!  I would never use one for sure, but they exist.  

Of course it is a matter of choice for each of us and what we are used to.

I like my fingers, tips of my fingers and NO blood on my projects. 

Not to say there are not a hell of a lot more out there, but if you have chronic pain, fibro, arthritis etc., get one that is comfortable for your hands for sure.  It can be a long project to rip out if your hands start to cramp and hurt.  We want our time with Jack to be quick and swift for sure.  I know I do!

There are no special little things I do when using a seam ripper other than I go through the actual seam carefully between the two fabrics, over picking it out.  Faster for me, and less stress on my joints for sure.  I like it, and have had a few accidents when I did cut my fabric but it is the seam it will cover up.  

Sew that is it for today.  I have a crap ton of laundry to do, and well it does not fold itself for sure.  DAMN you laundry fairy for leaving me!

Until next time create well, be healthy and love you first!



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