For shits and giggles

Yep I said that!

What is for shits and giggles? My life that is what!  I have had it these last couple of months, I am over it, and I am tired of it.  So for shits and giggles I thought I would just start chronicling my life, to see where it leads me.  Will it reduce my own stress levels and will it make a funny assed book at the same time. (Ps Remember I said I am not editing myself anymore, life is too freaking short.  I will however limit the number of F bombs I drop!  I need to do that anyway.)

Seriously I have just had some of the oddest stuff happen over the last weeks of my life Even today.

Well lets go back to what day was it anyway.  Saturday I think?  I almost got hit by a nun!  Seriously a nun almost rear ended me on my road.  THEEEEEEEEN  I am being tailgated; by whom you may ask.  The parish Priest!  I was like seriously I am NOT going to die by being hit by a nun or priest today; it just can not happen!  But there you have it! 

Ordered my needles for rug making, and yep they are all in the bottom of the mailer they came in.  Not sure how anyone did not get poked on that one!  So I had to take them all out and put them back into the little holders they came in, and the damn things are broke!  SOOOOOOOOOOOO Break out the painters tape and put them on that to hold them in place. 

Today was pulmonologist appointment I leave in plenty of time for my appointment as I always do, and what do you know I am an hour early!  Really.  Then it just went down hill from there, all these med changes and then added a nebulizer to the mix on top of everything else!  Me:  Crawl into bed when you get home and start over!  Me:  Nope that won't work you have to do this this and that!  Well none of that happend.   As you can read I am sitting here writing instead!

As far as quilting goes; well.  Hmmph.  Oh yeah I did get the outline done on the Dahlia panel I am using in my nephews wedding quilt.  Then I decided I do not have to have it done on the day of the wedding I will get it to them when it is ready and I am happy with it.  I am not going to rush it.  I had planned to start it BEFORE this last surgery in March that has totally screwed my life up for the worst, but it is getting better slowly.  I emphasize slowly.

I seriously have too many project's going at the same time at the moment.  I need to concentrate on one.  I think it will be my sisters Birthday quilt so It will be done while she is here for her son's wedding and can take it home with her!  

Had a very long discussion today with Judi DuVall about my life and what is going on in it, and Damnit I am not ready to be done.  They need to get this shit fixed with my heart I am over it, being too tired to take a shower and we won't even go into the gastro issues from all the meds!  God, just one more day I keep saying just one more.  And you know what that is getting real old real quick!  I am 50 and have a lot of shit I wanna get done still.  So May 1st better get here soon!  Well I know next week, but still!

Okay good news, I got that green tea bed.  I LOVE IT!  Sleeping very well I tell you.  No more aches and pains like I was having from my old mattress so it was worth the $400.00 for it and it is KING sized too.  All new pillows as well.  NOW I need to make a quilt for myself that will fit it!  Huh what another thing on my plate to do.  Well crap on crackers, not what I need. 

Prioritize I keep saying; but what comes first truthfully.  I know me!  That is it ME ME ME ME  I am going to be selfish for a bit and do for me, what I want and how I want and I am going to eat what i want too!  If I stuck to the damn diet they gave me I would have cardboard and dirt left I am allowed to eat...  F that!  see caught myself!

I am hoping to get a shop going to sell quilt on as well.  I want everyone to be able to experience a quilt that is not made in CHINA for Gods sake.  So I am working on that Idea but, am not moving forward until I know what is going on with my next heart surgery and what to expect in that.  I will get my book done I swear, if it is until my last breath I will get it done.

That is for now.  I am just all over the place and have brain crap for brains going on...


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