Does size really matter - Quilt sizes and how to determine if yours will fit the bed!

Does Size really matter?  Of course it does.  Nothing is more frustrating than getting that pattern out, getting it cut, and piecing oh so peacefully.  As your quilt top grows you are pleased with how it looks, and then you add that last row and ummm, why is it so small?
Here are a few tips on how to determine size of quilts and the amounts of fabric you  need.  Remember not all patterns are tested to sizes as they are not all made before going to print.
Lets start with a few terms which can be confusing to new quilters:
  1. Charm pack - a pack of around 42 pieces which are 5 x 5 inch squares
  2. Layer cake - a pack of around 42 pieces which are 10 x 10 inch squares
  3. Jelly Roll - a pack of around 42 pieces which 2.5 inches wide and WOF (Width of fabric)
  4. Honey  bun - a pack of around 42 pieces which are 1.5 inches wide and WOF (Width of Fabric)
  5. Dessert Roll - a pack of around 20 pieces which are 5 inches wide and WOF (width of fabric)
This list is a a basic list of the most common cuts available as pre cuts which are not Fat Quarters (FQ) etc.  They are precut ready to go.
So what can we make with these little babies?  A LOT!
Charms are first -  
1 pack = 6 x 7 layout and 30 x 35  inches or Crib sized
3 pack = 8 x 15 layout out and 40 x 75 or Twin size
4 pack = 11 x 15 layout and 55 x 75 or Full
5 pack = 12 x 16 layout and 60 x 80 or queen
7 pack will do either 16 x 16 = 80 x 80 or 18 x 18 =80 x 90 or King
Layer Cakes-
Crib - will be on 12 squares of 10 inches!  Sew One Layer cake can actually yield THREE crib sized quilts!  Yes...  It will be 30 x 40
Twin size you will need 32 squares yielding 40 x 80 obviously longer than wide, but you can change it up a bit if you want depending on the size of the bed
Now for a Full / Queen you will need packs as this requires 48 pieces, so you will have plenty left over for this one of 6 x 8 or 60 x 80.
And King you will need two again for this required 64 squares, 8 x 8 or 80 x 80! 
JELLY ROLLS!  I Love these things they are so versatile especially for a beginner!  You can do so much with them.  I will include a  quilt made with them so you can see just how versatile!  First one is the first one I did after my first heart surgery!  I needed something easy and well; just easy and calming.  And I had this jelly roll that I loved and still do in the quilt.  It is a twin, and I use it every single day!DSCF1024.JPG Excuse my mess in my room, this pic was taken before I put in the hoop on my embroidery machine and quilted Celtic knots throughout it!.  YES!  I said my embroidery machine.  Was a bit of work but worth it for sure! And my studio looks sew much better now too!  It is finished for now, until I move a wall to expand on the fabric storage area!
Now for what you can get out of it!  First and foremost the best thing for BINDING!
Truthfully it is easier if I tell you the amounts by yardage, since this is a useful thing to have, and the pattern will define how many 42 pc jelly rolls you will need for it! Sew -
ONE YARD equals 13 - 2.5 inch strips WOF! Yep one yard!  So if you can do the math on that, there is about THREE yards plus a little more in a jelly roll.
Honey BUNS!  YUMM!  - Well not yum as in yummy.  BUT YUM!  These little buggers are amazing for log cabin quilts, flanges, small accent borders, and PINEAPPLE Log Cabin Blocks!  Especially if you have the Pineapple tool - available at  You get 23 strips at 1.5 from a yard so just a little under two yards in each one!
Dessert rolls - Well those aren't as popular as the others, but oh so versatile.  You can cut them into charm packs!!!  So that is a plus, just cut right down the strip at 5 inches to get a ton of them from one of these puppies.  There are 7 strips in a yard, but a roll has 20 pieces usually so about THREE yards!
Sew get yourself some pre cuts, we have them at the store site and they can be cut from any fabric by choice of YOU!  Yes, you can request them from us at the store site.
They are fun versatile, and time saving for sure, they are pre cut after all!
A few more terms before I go!
WOF - Width of Fabric
UFO - Unfinished Object
PHD - Projects Half Done
WOMBAT - Wast of Money, Batting and TIME
NESTY - not Even started YET
STABLE - Stash Accumulation beyond Life Expectancy!
Okay for sizes of beds and quilts here are measurements!
Remember a quilt left unfinished can not love.  Create to your hearts content!  Come visit me again!
Reference: Notions and Whims LLC - Guide to quilt sizes and yardages needed. (2009) retrieved from Google search November 11, 2017.


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